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evolving camelia sculpture — November 29, 2015

evolving camelia sculpture

Camelia from Le3 on Vimeo.

looks so simple but I want to know how it’s done.

paddle through waves of pixels — November 28, 2015

paddle through waves of pixels

Miguel CHEVALIER Pixels Wave 2015 Singapore from Claude Mossessian on Vimeo.

Similat to Chevalier’s creation of ‘digital arabesques 2015′, this generative and interactive installation is also influenced by moroccan culture. See you on the dance floor!

generative art with — October 22, 2015

generative art with

This neat little app helps generate some intriguing and mesmerising imagery. Weavesilk is free and you can make your own neon-esque light art in seconds. It’s easy to navigate and a fun way to chill for a while. At first, it kind of reminded me of the folded butterfly paintings I did as a kid. A similar sort of symmetrical thing happens but pixels are your paint. Although, visually the style isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, ie. hippy-tie-dye-meets-techno-medieval-goth-DJ, if you got your own tunes synched, you could make something pretty funky. Maybe a bit meditative and possibly a bit trippy! Anyway, this compilation is really quite magical!

Or have a go at making your own here.

just an after thought: how cool would this look projected up into a night sky?? or on a cinema screen…credits for a sci-fi film…

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