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build your own merc! — November 10, 2015

build your own merc!

For the launch of the new 2015 Mercedes GLA Compact SUV, they created a virtual custom shop on Instagram. Here you can customise your own version of the luxury. The concept feature hundreds of Instagram profiles and thousands of images to create the experience in which the final photo presents you with your very own vehicle and matching price tag.
To start tinkering just…choose your colour…(11 options) then choose one of three wheel options then choose between a standard roof or a panorama one…then between a standard or illuminated grille. Voila! The personalised Merc is then displayed with the price. (Except I think you need real money for the real thing…bummer!) How would you build yours?

Source: RMN DigitalOctober 24, 2014

projecting change: NEW YORK empire state building — October 30, 2015

projecting change: NEW YORK empire state building

Sky-high lions. Manta rays, 40 stories high. Blue whales swimming hundreds of feet above the city streets. Giant toucans in an urban jungle. The new film: Racing Exctinction. tackles some big issues. This projection mapping event on one of the world’s most iconic buildings is part of a movement to preserve the natural treasures of our planet. You can join the race to save these species at

Projecting Change: Empire State Building from Obscura Digital on Vimeo.

Projection mapping Lights

emoji among us — October 9, 2015

emoji among us

just found this and is worth watching for a giggle! “Emoji Among Us” is a nature doco-parody (mocumentary?) by stock footage company Dissolve. Makes me wonder if i’ll ever need face to face conversation again…

..although I did struggle the other day to find an emoji to txt a friend to wish her 98 year old puppy dog a happy birthday!


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