This neat little app helps generate some intriguing and mesmerising imagery. Weavesilk is free and you can make your own neon-esque light art in seconds. It’s easy to navigate and a fun way to chill for a while. At first, it kind of reminded me of the folded butterfly paintings I did as a kid. A similar sort of symmetrical thing happens but pixels are your paint. Although, visually the style isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, ie. hippy-tie-dye-meets-techno-medieval-goth-DJ, if you got your own tunes synched, you could make something pretty funky. Maybe a bit meditative and possibly a bit trippy! Anyway, this compilation is really quite magical!

Or have a go at making your own here.

just an after thought: how cool would this look projected up into a night sky?? or on a cinema screen…credits for a sci-fi film…