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hello, i’m meg: — February 26, 2017

hello, i’m meg:

welcome to my blog. It’s part of my Communication Design degree at Billy Blue, Brisbane. I’m including some design inspirations and examples from our classes + some of my personal favourites. Say hello here or check out my square pics or maybe tweet. Got some thoughts or maybe an eg: or two ? It’s kinda fun to be inspired then go and be inspiring too.

love this! — May 3, 2017
not all about me… — February 26, 2017

not all about me…

it’s about some favourite meg design examples. at the moment I’ve started a new uni subject called “fashion and social media”. I’m pretty keen to learn some new insights…so let’s see what’s revealed!

a word without borders — February 14, 2017
colourful christmas — December 24, 2016
illuminating — September 18, 2016


This little ad lit me up. Clever and catchy and I wanna learn how to do it. “Future with bright lights” is a video created by Japanese infrastructure company Kandenko. Combining elements of tech and art, the vid uses a silver ink circuit pen developed to show how each individual can illuminate the future.

Bright lights give you so happy days
Shining future will be right there there
Bright lights give you so lovely days
Shining future will be soon there there
Take hands each other and go ahead with your heart

Twlala Twalala
Future with bright lights

Twlala Twalala
Future with bright lights

Twlala Twalala
Future with bright lights

Twlala Twalala Twalala

Look at what you see in light
Close your eyes and feel the brightness
It’s supposed to be in your hand
Make it better in the future

Twlala Twalala
Future with bright lights


original music by singer YeYe

imagine what a note could do — September 16, 2016

imagine what a note could do

this is a very endearing animation. I love how it is integrated with social media to create memorability and encourage action. 

From back in 2012 this billboard has been redesigned to be an interactive donation box. When 2 euros are donated directly on the billboard, the various MISEREOR aid projects visually come to life. A built-in camera takes a pic of the generous donator which they can post on Facebook and then share info about the promo, enabling MISEREOR to start up an online dialogue. Powerful.

norma bar: unmasking a killer: curing cancer — July 11, 2016
norma bar – international day of peace —
sugar: public enemy number 1 — June 21, 2016

sugar: public enemy number 1

this revealing doco demystifies the not so sweet truth about sugar. On top of its obvious effects like tooth decay, obesity and diabetes, there are plenty of other side effects and manufacturers seem to be oblivious of any social responsibility. Take a look. An hour’s investment of your time could be mind (and mouth) altering!

The Truth About Sugar – New Documentary 2015

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