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night time city safari — November 29, 2015

night time city safari

SAFARI URBAIN is the name of this series of photographs representing animal portrait makeovers projected on facades and buildings of the French capital. The artist, Julien Nonnon, invites you to wander at night in the city. In September, passersby of picturesque buildings in Paris encountered this ‘urban safari’. Images of smartly-dressed wildlife temporarily illuminated the city’s structures and surfaces at night. The series of short-lived souvenirs included ‘hip’ animals donning unusual outfits, like a cheetah clothed in a bomber jacket or a very dapper eagle sporting a suit and tie. Each of the figures was named after the streets they inhabited, which included the flannel-wearing ‘Lemur of Montmartre’ and smoking ‘Shepherd of Clignancourt.’ I particularly loved ‘the Koala of Lowendal’ with the Eiffel in the distance. The images also recently featured in Orlando…

I think this kind of imagery would fit in beautifully around Brisbane’s cityscape. The alleys of Fortitude Valley, Southbank, the cliffs of Kangaroo Point. Got any ideas? #BigBrightBrisbane
Actually, the whole concept is remarkably similar to the campaign that is current for Queenslad Tourism; animal portraits.

jungle book, brisbane story? — November 28, 2015

jungle book, brisbane story?

Visual artist Julien NONNON curates some suave installations. They are graffiti-esque in that they cover beautiful architectural buildings, yet their presence is fleeting. They are only visible for the night of the projection or when seen in the captured photographic prints. The process allows him to combine street art, kinetic installations, digital creations and video-mapping. Showing the desire to see his works in the street, he developed his own tools allowing him therefore to project his creations in any location that inspires him. I’ve included below here one of his urban safari series videos which were projected around the Parisian cityscape at night. I reckon the story Bridge might be just the sort of bridge you might like to meet one of those cool cats or maybe just an oversized frilly lizard.

#BigBrightBrisbane Bridges

The Lion of Jaurès from Julien NONNON on Vimeo.

story-bridge_Under the

bright brisbane bridges — November 26, 2015

bright brisbane bridges

The Story Bridge is the landmark bridge of Brisbane but the Kurilpa is by far my favourite. One day, I’d love for Brisbane to have even more iconic bridges . Our city is already considered by some as the river city and I think their presence helps shape brisbanites as outdoorsy individuals who enjoy exploring their big, bright, open spaces. The CityCats and river edge walkways really help create these experiences. Contrasting angles, lines and perspectives create kinetic energy to the bridges. Although they are mostly fairly symmetrical, some of the newer bridge designs (like the Kurilpa, the Eleanor Schonelle, the Goodwill and the Go Between bridges) break away from these traditional designs and experiment with some fun and progressive visual thinking. The reflections on the water below create a sort of magical energy. It could be cool (or a little bit refreshing) to project some iceskaters onto the river surface. Maybe on a hot January evening to bring on a little emotional air conditioning.Iceskaters_Photography_byJayson Vucovic

parklands a new backdrop for Craig Walsh? — November 25, 2015

parklands a new backdrop for Craig Walsh?

just another #bigbrightbrisbane idea: could the same principles of Craig Walsh’s projection mapping installations work well at Roma Street Parklands? A new little family of marine life growing through the cycles of life? New personalities among the trees and parks? The big rock waterfall could work as a cinema screen..



projection mapping takes the stage again — November 15, 2015

projection mapping takes the stage again

A meticulous and pretty special light projection on the outside of the Russian Bolshoi Theatre. The one that’s usually famous for its ballet. Also, for a look at some of the best ever examples of p.m. it is is definitely worth looking at this very well researched article which features 9 other inspirational egs: -in-the-world/

funky flowers out of this planet? — November 10, 2015

funky flowers out of this planet?

I reckon these flowers would look unreal projected onto the planetarim and the ponds at Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens.#BigBrightBrisbane

Freaky Flowers: Echinopsis Cacti in Bloom from Echinopsis Freak on Vimeo.
Very groovy!  Digitally mastered with the help of Mother Nature, of course. Essentially they are made up of eight hours of flower-opening action, crushed into just a few seconds.



or maybe they’d look brilliant beamed (giant-sized) onto the Cliffs at Kangaroo Point. How cool would it be to have rock climbers or abseilers emerging from the stamen and petals? Hovering like bees or Spiderman?

Or maybe some funky flowers on the lakes at the University of Queensland?UQ_Lakes

eyes over here, please — November 4, 2015

eyes over here, please

the eyes really are the windows of the soul. here’s another awesome installation by Liam Key. I love the transition from day to night. I’m icluding the artist’s explanation and reflection here but I’d really suggest you have a proper look at these visionary visuals. Let me know what you think. I’m still deciding if it’s kind of spooky or maybe endearing.

The large eyeball installation tracks any persons walking by and follows them, using a Kinect camera.
The installation is running on Unity via a live game engine which ensured a much tighter and better mapping of the installation, and allowed the use of skeletal tracking with the Kinect.

All eyes on me, Please – is truly a sight to behold. The intense sea of eyes blinking, looking and scanning your face makes you feel uneasy, yet you become the centre of attention. This push/pull duality is the goal of the piece, as we all secretly desire to be seen and watched, yet are haunted by the depth of the human eye. Eyes are the windows to the soul, the visual representation of the Ghost in the Shell.

Interactive projection mapping art installation at Billy Blue College of Design (All Eyes On Me, Please) 2015 from Liam Key on Vimeo.

australian visual artist doing something different —

australian visual artist doing something different

Liam Key is Australian visual artist who experiments and innovates in new media and is creating some cutting edge projection mapping installations. He shares this talent, along with other design and communications-based insights, with students at Billy Blue College in Brisbane. (My uni!) You can see more of his cool work, like his 2 + 3D Illustrations and research, here:

This very ouside-the-box installation is beautifully simple and concurrently very thought provoking. Love the butterflies!

thinking…water under the bridge…#bigbrightbrisbane? — November 1, 2015

thinking…water under the bridge…#bigbrightbrisbane?

projection mapping idea for brisbane, number 1:
under the story bridge. on the bridge, from the bridge, the bridge that tells stories…

viewers could enjoy a choreographed projection of historical and contemporary stories, elevating spirits but not always.

Brisbane iconic story bridge links the suburbs of Fortitude Valley and Kangaroo Point. And visible from hundreds of vantage points around the city. Under the story bridge has always been a special spot for me. There is the constant (yet comforting) kerthunking of traffic above.

Having lived at Kangaroo Point for most of the 1990s, I walked over the bridge couple of times most days. Still being and avid walker, I am drawn to the bridges. I think I counted 15 main bridges spanning, bending and arching over the meandering twine of the Brisbane River. These inspiring pieces of design go way beyond the pure necessity of getting from a to b. Of course, all bridges do this, but some are more endearing and more enduring. Feats of engineering and architecture!!

putting even deeper meanings into architectural structures
putting even deeper meanings into architectural structures. Craig Walsh, Digital Odyssey

craig walsh mixes art with nature — October 31, 2015

craig walsh mixes art with nature

Experimental digital artist Craig Walsh has curated a series of these thought provoking light installations. Rather than ClassificationPending_2007_2adopting the big and bright colour palette of lots of projection artists, the works of Walsh’s are more integrated into the colours of the landscape. They are still big on impact and hugely captivating. Although the permanent installation seems somewhat understated, it really is quite a massive undertaking to keep the installation evolving and current. And to keep this adaptive and fictional ecosystem the perfect balancing act between being believable while also being quite mythological. And makes it a popular landmark for local resident and visitors.
Classification Pending 2007

Craig Walsh has been pretty active with his latest exhibits during his current ‘Digital Oddysey’. I’m planning to put a few more of his cool works up here so watch this space. For now…this is not a talking tree…

craig walsh's humanature digital-oddysey trees

craig walsh’s humanature – digital oddysey

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