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totally tuned-in infographic — September 7, 2017

totally tuned-in infographic

Big British bands explored in highly clickable typographic map.

I would love to see an Aussie version synched like this! Have a play with this uk music map. It’s cool that Ireland is also on the map even if there’s no mention of U2. Maybe the Aussie version could include NZ bands and artists. You’d hope the Finn brothers would get a place.

Anyway, when it comes to music, you could say that the UK is home to lots of musical headliners. Despite its physical size, the UK has produced bands, artists and music scenes that have been dominant world-wide.

This super clever (and simple) interactive infographic takes you on a tour of the best UK music. In it the names of various bands and artists cover the town or area where they hail from to make up a musical map of the UK. Many of the band and artist names are styled using fonts and logos to match the band’s.

When you click on an artist’s name, you even get a refresher of their best song, chart performance and net worth.

The UK music industry is one of the biggest in the world with a rich history, but although London is the main hub, it’s also apparent that music is universal – singers and bands come from all over. Perhaps due to London’s sheer density, it does have its own pull-out map, though so users can explore it’s big-ness in more depth.

This infographic could have so many different applications. For instance, you could have one that was entirely devoted to Jazz n Blues Bands and the map could be shaped like the grounds of the Byron Bay Blues Fest. This’d make a great app for festival funsters too. The typography could be a little bit muddy and squelchy, just like the real thing!

Have fun finding out about all the facts and figures behind your favourite musicians.

this revealing infographic talks-up walkUPs — March 31, 2016

this revealing infographic talks-up walkUPs

Being an avid walker (and being sans-car) this is right up my ally (and subway)!

Let's walk

adobe edge: top of the charts — November 25, 2015

adobe edge: top of the charts

We had a class on creating animated charts using excel and (ta da) adobe edge. Although i’m really keen to get the hang of these two programs, it’ll take me a bit of practice yet. Sorry Liam. I also think Tableau Public has lots to offer. Anyway, so often the representation of boring figures can come across as being just that. The reality is, they have the potential to be a little bit more engaging. I found this clever little eg…
Know how much each individual Beatle contributed to the writing of each album? Check this intuitive data visualisation to find out! Just hover for more beatles info.
Author: Mike Moore Originally published in: Data Intuiti0n.

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