SAFARI URBAIN is the name of this series of photographs representing animal portrait makeovers projected on facades and buildings of the French capital. The artist, Julien Nonnon, invites you to wander at night in the city. In September, passersby of picturesque buildings in Paris encountered this ‘urban safari’. Images of smartly-dressed wildlife temporarily illuminated the city’s structures and surfaces at night. The series of short-lived souvenirs included ‘hip’ animals donning unusual outfits, like a cheetah clothed in a bomber jacket or a very dapper eagle sporting a suit and tie. Each of the figures was named after the streets they inhabited, which included the flannel-wearing ‘Lemur of Montmartre’ and smoking ‘Shepherd of Clignancourt.’ I particularly loved ‘the Koala of Lowendal’ with the Eiffel in the distance. The images also recently featured in Orlando…

I think this kind of imagery would fit in beautifully around Brisbane’s cityscape. The alleys of Fortitude Valley, Southbank, the cliffs of Kangaroo Point. Got any ideas? #BigBrightBrisbane
Actually, the whole concept is remarkably similar to the campaign that is current for Queenslad Tourism; animal portraits.