Visual artist Julien NONNON curates some suave installations. They are graffiti-esque in that they cover beautiful architectural buildings, yet their presence is fleeting. They are only visible for the night of the projection or when seen in the captured photographic prints. The process allows him to combine street art, kinetic installations, digital creations and video-mapping. Showing the desire to see his works in the street, he developed his own tools allowing him therefore to project his creations in any location that inspires him. I’ve included below here one of his urban safari series videos which were projected around the Parisian cityscape at night. I reckon the story Bridge might be just the sort of bridge you might like to meet one of those cool cats or maybe just an oversized frilly lizard.

#BigBrightBrisbane Bridges

The Lion of Jaurès from Julien NONNON on Vimeo.

story-bridge_Under the