The Story Bridge is the landmark bridge of Brisbane but the Kurilpa is by far my favourite. One day, I’d love for Brisbane to have even more iconic bridges . Our city is already considered by some as the river city and I think their presence helps shape brisbanites as outdoorsy individuals who enjoy exploring their big, bright, open spaces. The CityCats and river edge walkways really help create these experiences. Contrasting angles, lines and perspectives create kinetic energy to the bridges. Although they are mostly fairly symmetrical, some of the newer bridge designs (like the Kurilpa, the Eleanor Schonelle, the Goodwill and the Go Between bridges) break away from these traditional designs and experiment with some fun and progressive visual thinking. The reflections on the water below create a sort of magical energy. It could be cool (or a little bit refreshing) to project some iceskaters onto the river surface. Maybe on a hot January evening to bring on a little emotional air conditioning.Iceskaters_Photography_byJayson Vucovic