Makey Makey is a kit that turns conductive objects into computer keys and buttons so you can play around with techy stuff without getting too highbrow.

Check out It’s a super fun way to play and create using unusual materials and learning lots at the same time. Alphabet soup becomes a drum kit, bananas transform into piano keys – you can even draw a game controller on to a piece of paper using a pencil, and use it to play Pac-Man. It exploits the fact that by touching things you complete electric circuits. The circuit board connects to your computer via a USB cable. Then you attach any object to the board by a crocodile clip. When you touch the object, you complete the circuit, and the circuit board sends a message to your computer, which thinks that MaKey MaKey is a standard keyboard or mouse. Apparently you can assign up to 18 mouse and keyboard inputs to any object. So if I haven’t confused you as much as I’ve confused myself you should get your hands on one and see what you can make of it.