projection mapping idea for brisbane, number 1:
under the story bridge. on the bridge, from the bridge, the bridge that tells stories…

viewers could enjoy a choreographed projection of historical and contemporary stories, elevating spirits but not always.

Brisbane iconic story bridge links the suburbs of Fortitude Valley and Kangaroo Point. And visible from hundreds of vantage points around the city. Under the story bridge has always been a special spot for me. There is the constant (yet comforting) kerthunking of traffic above.

Having lived at Kangaroo Point for most of the 1990s, I walked over the bridge couple of times most days. Still being and avid walker, I am drawn to the bridges. I think I counted 15 main bridges spanning, bending and arching over the meandering twine of the Brisbane River. These inspiring pieces of design go way beyond the pure necessity of getting from a to b. Of course, all bridges do this, but some are more endearing and more enduring. Feats of engineering and architecture!!

putting even deeper meanings into architectural structures
putting even deeper meanings into architectural structures. Craig Walsh, Digital Odyssey