Experimental digital artist Craig Walsh has curated a series of these thought provoking light installations. Rather than ClassificationPending_2007_2adopting the big and bright colour palette of lots of projection artists, the works of Walsh’s are more integrated into the colours of the landscape. They are still big on impact and hugely captivating. Although the permanent installation seems somewhat understated, it really is quite a massive undertaking to keep the installation evolving and current. And to keep this adaptive and fictional ecosystem the perfect balancing act between being believable while also being quite mythological. And makes it a popular landmark for local resident and visitors.
Classification Pending 2007

Craig Walsh has been pretty active with his latest exhibits during his current ‘Digital Oddysey’. I’m planning to put a few more of his cool works up here so watch this space. For now…this is not a talking tree…

craig walsh's humanature digital-oddysey trees

craig walsh’s humanature – digital oddysey