OculusLogo_LongWhen our lecturer brought his newest tech-toy into the classroom we were all pretty excited! The Oculus Rift is absolutely out of this world. The general gist, in case you’re as unfamiliar as I was, is that you pull a helmet-like contraption over your head and suddenly you’re inside a virtual world that seems completely lifelike. You can run around, fight, race and fly or in my case, go gaga, about the beautiful apartment that was right there and touchable. All of us in class had 5 or so minutes exploring the penthouse apartment. It’s contemporary, sophisticated and it looks amazing! European style with wooden floors, industrial-style ceiling lamps, ambient fireplace, groovy paintings, designer lighting…just the sort of holiday house you could like to get acquainted with!
This technology will open up amazing opportunities. Interior designers maybe? Real estate sales brokers are said to be loving it. Using the Rift, prospective buyers can “walk through” an off-the-plan apartment at their own pace. They can poke around it, inspect all the detailed finishes, open doors and even lean out the window to check out the view. Though supervision might be a good idea! I’m also interested to find out more about maybe more humanitarian uses that would do well to incorporate the oculus into their pursuits. I saw a little vid which looked at couples using oculus as a way of trying to better understand each other’s point of view. There could be a valuable opportunity for relationship therapy. I was also thinking they would oculus-rift-gender-gender-swap-testbe great for patients in hospital particularly children who might have their spirits lifted by experiencing out-of-this world fantastical scenarios…like being at a theme park without having to actually go there.

There are probably hundreds of reason to have an Oculus. It’s a great way for people to learn, or visit places they never would have gone. Anyway this is another one of Facebook’s acquisition so they’re certain to want to progress it…and if you wanted to purchase one, they’re only recently available for a mere $1500!

Oculus Rift and a virtual apartment (Credit: ArX)