Although this invention is clearly a progression from making plasticine models, I’m still to be persuaded about the validity of this bird-looking thing right at this very moment.

Apparently though, the Leonar3Do does provide the easiest and cheapest way to create, demonstrate and visualise virtual 3D objects in real space.

It’s still in it’s relative infancy at the moment but it can print some fairly simple objects and gadgets. Although they mainly look plasticiney, I imagine the sophistication will start improving quickly. Also, I could see it’d be awesome for students trying to grasp 3D interactivity…they just grab the 3d mouse (the BIRD), and start drawing in the air, just like with a magic pen. A bit of a plug-and-play, out of the box experience, which encourages kids to improve their skills and creativity quickly.

I didn’t believe it at first then I watched the video at this link. I’m not sure if I agree with kids drawing crazy satanic looking monsters, but the principle of it is fairly amazing. Have a look.