Queensland’s city of Brisbane is currently emerging as one of the most progressive, colourful and rewarding places for both residents and tourists. Although the discipline of projection mapping is still pretty new in the Brissie community, the opportunities are enormous.

• expand cultural reputation
• ignite historical pride could also be ignited.
• invigorate the community spirit.

To date, the majority of Brissie folk would have had only limited exposure to the capabilities of project mapping. Although events such as the G20, Riverfire and City Hall Christmas Spectacular of ‘The Nutcracker Suite’ demonstrate that a niche exists, there is certainly no shortage of beckoning buildings, open landscapes or curious onlookers. Maybe Brisbane could begin by incorporating a series of permanent interactive installations such as Craig Walsh’s tree and faces sculptures or the ‘introduced species’ at the Ipswich Bremer River. If co-ordinated effectively with City Council and Brisbane Marketing there could be a buzz stirred in the Brisbane community which would have a reciprocally positive effect on the cultural perception of the city. Starting a local level by appealing to residents. Over time, ensure the market is promoted internationally more extravagant and extensive event similar to Sydney’s ‘Vivid’ that may actually culminate with the already successful Riverfire. Given that Brisbane has such an affinity with its river, this seems an expedient choice. I’ll be posting a few site-specific ideas here over the next few days so let me know if you think any of the could work?? #bigbrightbrisbane?