…into a rich  kaleidoscope of colour and pattern. the projection mapping artist is renowned for creating compelling ways of experiencing the austere architectural spaces like churches, castles, bridges and tunnels.His graphic showcases. Chevalier castel del monte for festival internazionale di andria castel dei mondi 2014 in the form of ‘Magic Carpets’. As you walk around the floor space the light responds to your movement. It’s like you’re in a life size kaleidoscope. Or on a magic carpet. Very fantastical.

Not only is the installation designed according to mathematical and astronomical pricniples relating to shape of the octagon. in addition, its positioning has been carefully orchestrated to display special symmetries of light on solstice days. this symbolic system has drawn the passionate interest of experts on account of its oddity and esotericism, making it an ideal location for the interactive installation. The floor becomes a symbol for ‘magic carpets’… 

Chevalier suggests that “this artificial universe seems to rejoin that of life. everything comes together, comes apart, and alters shape at top speed..as the viewers move about the space, their feet manipulate in the appearance of these mobile, interlaced graphics. Colourfully miguel-chevalier-magic-carpets-interactive-virtual-reality-installation-castel-del-monte-italy-designboom-06sinuous curves ripple forth, thus re-establishing connections with the shimmering tapestries of the middle ages, classical antiquity, the islamic world, and the cistercian gothic of northern europe.”

Chevalier generates visual experiences that are always evolving and are also reminiscent of the psychedelic, artificial paradises of the 1970s.Very trippy!

Image: Blue and Green Pixelation, by Miguel Chevalier.