Makey Makey is an invention kit for everybody that’s curious about making things. For example, you can play Mario on play dough, make a piano out of bananas, play a piano keyboard on a staircase or choreograph dancing balloons. Use alligator clips, connector wires and maybe a lead pencil and get makeying. For a quick peek at some fun interpretations and groovy ideas, check out this. Typing on a standard qwerty keyboard can be dull. Typing on a ripe mango, however…that’s infinitely more interesting.

In our recent class, we connected our Makey Makey board with different objects such as an apple, copper tape, lead pencil drawing and a chocolate bar. Each wire corresponded to a letter on the computer keyboard which is set up through the Makey Makey console. Rubbuzzes when you're doing it wrong!!ber or even ‘people’ can earth everything together. Pressing the objects activated the digital keyboard in GarageBand and created sounds. We all had heaps of fun experimenting, though I was impressed with Nevada’s game which seemed to be a combo of the board game ‘operation’ and a piece of alfoil sculpture.

As part of the class exercise, we were encouraged to think about an interactive exhibition idea which could be installed at the college’s next open day. I thought of making some music paintings or maybe a concept involving the floor game of Twister. The exhibit would be built using copper tape and conductive paint and connected to the computer through Makey Makey. By using GarageBand to create cool sounds on one and hip-hop beats on the other would encourage people to interact and form a funky tune together. It seems that anyone can be an inventor. You can buy your own MaKey MaKey and consider giving some big kid (like me) an awesome Christmas gift.

electronic twister
i wonder how on earth i would makey this work?